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Holy cow, school started back up for both of my kids and I haven’t been able to do much of anything lately lol. I have participated in some individual swaps with ladies I have met through the Facebook Krazy Island Family group. A couple of them wanted to trade napkins and also some braille paper. Both of these items can be used in layering for mixed media projects. A few days ago I went to visit a Goodwill to see if they had anything fun. Usually I go and end up disappointed because there isn’t anything art related like I see other people find. This time I did find something.


The large item in the back is 18 x 24 inch vellum paper used in drafting. There is six sheets in the package and I thought they would do nicely in a junk journal. The art set was only missing the plastic tray and two of the brushes. The watercolor paints and paper pack had never been used. The pack of index cards are pre-printed with job contact info, project steps etc. These will be going into junk journals and also ephemera trades. The pack has three different colors. Next to that is a small blue dish. I think it may have been part of a candle holder set or something. I didn’t see anything for it to go in and they had it individually priced so I got it to add to my blue glass collection. Next to that was another item that wasn’t with the rest of what it should have been with. I do believe these are square lids for containers. They are made of glass and they have a plastic “gasket” to seal in freshness. They had these taped in sets of three so I nabbed a pack. I am going to use them as mixing dishes for paint etc. Finally I found a nice old dictionary that has the thin paper pages. My total for all of these items with tax was $13.00, not a bad deal.

I think it has been long enough that I can show my ATC’s I made for a swap. Here you see them all completed.


This image shows a close up of the coral and shell along with the sand. The images came from napkins I cut up. I mod-podged them to the card. After they were dry I went back and added some white dimensional paint to the coral. I also added a little bit of sand using liquid glass as glue.


This image gives you a better look at the little cloud. I made this by wiping away gelato through a stencil. Then I added the grey from an inktense pencil.


I did have a surgery on my jaw a few weeks ago. It has healed well. Time will tell as the swelling goes away if it has improved my issue. That’s about it for me lol.

Hope you are having a great week so far! Here is a link to a free printable for some collage bits and tags http://www.paperwishes.com/images/products/4232.pdf


Unusual Craft/Art Supplies

After watching a few you tube videos (Donna Downey, Imperfect Impulses to name a couple) I learned of some products that aren’t sold as art/crafting supplies but can certainly be used that way. To start off lets talk about Magic Mesh re-positional adhesive mesh. After doing a search I see that Stampin up sells/sold it but I did not buy it through them. I have had this particular mesh longer than knowing about SU lol.


As you can see it comes in an assortment of colors at a yard for about $2.00 to $4.00 on up in the listings I see on EBay. Not sure how much SU sells theirs for. But wait look again, that white mesh isn’t the same stuff even though it looks like it. Check this picture out below to see my huge 300 foot roll:


Holy cow 300 feet of it!! I bet that cost a gajillion! No actually it was about $8.00 from Lowes home center. It is called fibatape and it is self adhesive drywall tape. It is exactly the same stuff lol. And being that it is white you can use markers, inks etc to color it anyway you want. I’ll have mesh tape for years using this huge roll.

So now you know to look in the hardware/home improvement stores for fun things to use too. Here is some more stuff that you can keep a look out for:


On the far left is some tape stuff with circles, this is also drywall tape. it is white paper with an adhesive back, you’ll find it right next to the mesh tape. Next to that is some silver tape stuff. That is aluminum tape. It is actual aluminum foil with some super super sticky glue to the back (comes with peel off paper on the back). It is made by 3M and if you go in Lowes or similar store just ask for aluminum foil duct tape. My roll is 50yds worth and I think I paid around the same price for it as the other tape stuff. You may find some that has 3M printed all over it but keep looking, they do make it plain as you can see in the photo. Now in perspective I previously posted about that 1/4th inch width foil tape made for Inksentials by Ranger for $2.00 I bought on a shopping haul from Tuesday Mornings. That roll is only 2 1/4 across with about 1/2 inch thick of it being the tape wound on there. Have to cut the 3M tape down for smaller projects but its the SAME stuff!

Also in that picture you can see a white and pink roll. Those are the cloth tape from the band-aid area, the pink is from the athletic department, both were about $4.00 each. Last is a roll of masking tape, which is also sold as freezer tape. You can use stamps with this and make your own washi tapes.


Here is a roll of paint-able wallpaper. I think this is the most expensive item non “crafting/art” I picked up. It was $17.00 for 20.5″ wide by 56′ long. I will NEVER need to buy any again lol. I thought this would look awesome added as the background on pages, canvas panels etc, to add an additional fun texture.

Next up is napkins, I found these at a Tuesday morning for about $1.50 a packet. They are triple ply so when you peel off just the printed layer it is like tissue paper and can be deco-podged onto things. Such as the cards shown in the following picture. I’ll explain the cards in a future post.



Lastly, be on the lookout for random items that might be handy. These little metal clip things were on some sock I purchased. They held each set together in the bundle. I thought it would be fun to alter them and use them as some kind of tab embellishment. If they don’t work then no money lost because they were in essence, trash.


Hope everyone has had a great weekend, hope your week ahead turns out fabulous too. Make sure to keep an open mind when out shopping on what you can use in place of more costly crafting product items. Helps to think outside the box sometimes 😉

If you know of any fun “replacement” products like I have listed, feel free to share them.
Lady Blue

Dictionary Ephemera

A month or so ago I went on ebay to find some ephemera to use with my mixed media stuff. I found a lady who was selling lots consisting of different types of pages from assorted dictionaries, music sheets, etc. I bought some from her. Ever since then I have wanted to go to a used book store to see if I could locate an old dictionary. Back in Arizona we had a place called Bookman’s and they had an excellent selection of used books and other media. Alas, they don’t have that store here in Louisiana. I did however find a fun place called The Thrifty Peanut. Today we decided to go check them out and see what they had to offer. They are no where near the size of bookman’s but they had a lot of nice things and they had exactly what I was hoping to find.


On the top is a 1939 German English dictionary which wont upset me at all to rip pages out of haha. Then I found both volumes of the next dictionary, 1962 edition of Webster’s. Price on the German one was $5.99 and each Websters was $6.99 BUT today the were having a 50% off sale (I think because of black Friday?) WIN! I also found a Rand McNally World Atlas from I don’t know when. Paid $2.50. Daughter and husband also picked up a couple books.

Cannot wait to flip through this huge dictionary and look for images to use.

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and a fantastic weekend.

Lady Blue

Shopping Trip and UFP’s…

Ok so first you are probably wondering what the heck an UFP is. Well it is what I am calling my UN-Finished Projects. We’ll get to that in a little bit.

First up is shopping trip, just because it was so fun finding these little treasures today, especially after it being an aggravating morning. Retail therapy is always nice and especially so when it is crafting goodies. I had received an ad in email earlier in the week telling me that Tuesday Morning would have some new Tim Holtz and Sizzix things put out today. Coincided nicely with the cruddy morning happenings lol.

In this picture we have a nice paper pack by DIY Shop. There is some great paper in there like rulers, wood-grain, ledger pages etc. I think these will look really cute in a mini album. (I’ve been watching a lot of Mini Album instruction videos the past couple days. Love those!) These usually go for $20 at places like Hobby Lobby etc. and even when they are on sale 50% off they still cost more than the $7.00 I spent. haha. I found another packet of the mixed media papers, they had them at 10% off so I got it for $3.19. Next is some cute recipe cards I can use for journaling spots marked down from $8.00 and on sale for a final price of .59 cents. Some cute 7 Gypsies map chipboard alphabet for $2.00, packet of 25 sheets of paper for $1.99 (I laugh every time I buy these since I know even buying a SINGLE sheet from one of the other stores ON SALE would still cost me 25 cents, and I got 25! lol). Last but not least is what I was promised to find by the add is a lovely packet of Tim Holtz embossing folders. One is a bingo card and the other is random things and is called Patchwork. These go for $10.99 and I got them for $4.99. They had several other ones and also the die cuts but I didn’t see any that insisted I take them home. One thing not in the picture was a three pack travel style washi tape on sale for .39 cents.


This next picture is the goodies I was not expecting to find but made me all giddy. The center section and the bulk of the pile are products from Inkssentials by Ranger. Top left of that area are two of each color of foil tape. (silver, gold, copper) These lovely tapes go on the sides of the frosted glass slides you see directly below them. The tapes I got for $1.99 each and the slides were only .99 cents. (regularly $5.50 and $6.00). Next to those on the right are Memory Frames. These allow you to make cute little charms, ornaments, or even necklace by adding memorabilia filled slides inside the pre-made frames. Two different sizes were $1.99 each. On the far left side are some pink slide frames. That is actually a three pack of items. The frame is the top, under that was a packet of star shaped eyelets in Christmas colors and the bottom packet was plastic circle charm things with Spring sayings on them. These were marked down and on sale for a final price of .39 cents each. WOW huh lol. Far right side is our final items. These are the T shaped pins used for sewing but I thought they might be handy in crafting since they were pre-colored blue and green. They were bundled three to a tag for only .99 cents.


Ok now on to the UFP’s. I found these cards half done in my stash, left side, ignore the card on the right since I haven’t decided yet on that one. I was still trying to decide what to do with the little blue rectangles I had added the thank you stickers to. Did some digging around in my papers and found one that worked perfect.


So here are the finished cards, I made 14 of them. Something new for me, I wrote down what I used to make the cards. A friend of mine does this on her blog and I figure its a nice way to let people know in case they want to try and rush out to find something to buy lol. So the “perfect paper” I found was the paisley called Cowboy Paisley by Chatterbox Inc. (found this awesome paper in an entire 25 sheet pack from Tuesday Morning!) I put that on some random card-stock in my stash, its kind of a dark green although you cannot tell very well in the picture. It was one of the colors in the paisley paper. I also cut some pieces of textured card-stock (also random brand and color in the paisley) in a burnt orange color. I distressed all the edges with Tim Holtz inks in Tea Dye color. I used a decorative corner punch on the blue “thank you” part to make it prettier. After adding all the paper parts to the card I added a double layer of mulberry paper flowers by Prima with a Recollections Faux pearl sticker to the center.


Turned out pretty cute and I’m glad to have marked a UFP off my list!

Hope everyone has a great crafting week!

Lady Blue

More Unpacking and a New Toy!

Oh my gosh when does it stop?!?!?! haha

I have found the missing items I mentioned before in the post a few days ago. They were in a box in the living room of all places. Need my label maker but I know it’s in a box that was with my secretary desk contents so when I actually tackle that part I will find it and can finish up with organizing my craft space.

I have a couple of shelves that were just sitting around doing nothing at the old house (pfff they were still in the box) and I think they will look good on the wall over the books I showed previously. I have some small jars of buttons and other embellishments that would always sit on my desk space but I am trying to clear as much stuff off of there so I can use it properly. The shelves served no purpose before so this will be a win win situation I think.

Between the craft/office space and the bedroom were these doors:


You may say “oh my they are so pretty I’d love to have some like that”. Well ordinarily I would agree with you but in this case the doors were a pain in the butt. Off to the left of the doors you’ll see the corner of the room (bedroom) and putting anything in that space while having to fight with the door being in the way when open is not much fun.

So we took them off (note the light in the other room, that shines right in the husbands face when he lays in bed and the white tension rod I have added to the top of the door space):


And because I don’t always go to bed when the husband does, and that light is annoying to him (and the hinges are ugly), I re-purposed some curtains I cannot use here on any window. You can see in the picture where water has messed up the fabric. This was due to a leak in the bedroom window we didn’t know about at the other house. I had previously altered these tab top curtains to work on a smaller rod I had so now the tabs won’t work for anything else.


So I chopped them off:


After chopping off the tabs my plan was to sew on an area to slide a pole through. Then I didn’t feel like dragging out the sewing machine I haven’t unpacked yet so I got lazy and was just going to use some safety pins until I felt like completing the work properly. Probably the same time I would add about six inches of fabric to the bottom and also a piece across the damaged part to make it look extra fun and pretty. Well I picked up the curtain from the bottom on accident when getting ready to pin it and low and behold the bottom contained a ready-made section I could slide the pole through.

So TADA!! My upside down half finished curtain project:


As you can see they don’t go to the floor and that is why I would like to add some pretty fabric.

So my husband cannot help a whole lot with putting stuff away, since as the woman of the house I’m the one who knows best where everything was and where it should go now, he felt bad sitting around not doing much. He rewarded my work by telling me (among other things like foot rubs and what-not) that I could get some “big-ticket item” I have been wanting. Well only thing I have been wanting but held off til we moved has been this:


No more hand cranking to emboss or die cut! Woo hoo, save a wrist or two. Which I will need after all the box opening and paper cramming etc etc. It came in the mail today and I am excited to check out how it works.

Happy crafting!
Lady Blue

Paper and Haul

Ok so as you know I like to pop into Tuesday Mornings each week or so and see if they have put out any great crafting bargains. HOLY MOLY!! I got a great one this week. They were stocking the shelf as I was in there and it took all of me not to shove the lady out of the way so I could grab up a few goodies. LOL. I was nice and not a pig about it. I left several for other crafters to have a chance to have a bargain too. What I scored was several packs of pre cut chipboard in assorted sizes. There were also album covers so the spine was already in place and not have to use a cover binding of some type, I only got two of each color of those. I know it says Zutter on the packages but my Cinch can use them too.


I also scored some Tim Holtz glasine ATC and tag envelopes and some token charms.


I was so happy to see some things finally being added in the craft section after having visited for several weeks without so much as a pack of paper being added. Happy to note that there are supposed to be TWO Tuesday Morning stores where I am moving to. Can’t wait to get there and check for bargains. ALSO I should be able to have an actual craft room 🙂

Speaking of paper, Graphic 45 has been advertising this wonderful new paper collection they are releasing soon and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! It is simply gorgeous. Here is a link to their page with the paper: http://www.g45papers.com/products/steampunk-spells-category It is called Steampunk Spells. Perfect for Steampunk stuff and Halloween. I’m drooling over the images!

I’ve also started fiddling with an altered art book. I’m having fun trying out some of the techniques others have shown through their tutorial blogs. Here are a couple of the pages I have done. I don’t consider myself much of an artist, I’m just goofing around having fun.

A doodle:

Page made by cutting through pages of a book and adding things between the pages:

Punched flowers and words cut from missing pages in previous picture:

Have an excellent crafty week!

Lady Blue

P.S. I still haven’t figured out where I saw those envelopes I mentioned in previous post. lol

Storage, Library Cards, & Steampunk Crafts

While at Hobby Lobby last week I saw this great cabinet. When I went back on Monday with my daughter and it was still there I snatched it up quick. I love it lol. The drawers are all large enough to fit 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. Right now it is hanging out in the dining room, empty, I will fill it up once we have moved. I have been using a 5 drawer mini dresser thing I got for my daughter when she was a baby to keep her clothes in before we got her nice dresser. (When she outgrew it I re-purposed it for craft items.) The new cabinet will be much nicer and I will use the other one for sewing supplies instead.


My library card pockets came in the mail too, already doing research on fun ways to use them (other than putting them into books haha). Was a great bargain for 500 of them, paid around five cents a piece.


The next picture shows this great little box I found at the antique thrift shop place. It is supposed to be for a doll and its clothes but I saw it as a great item to use for Steampunk prop. I’m turning it into an “explorers case”.



Here it is after painting the inside black and making some shelves for it using foam-core board. The shelves aren’t glued in yet. I will also be adding a shelf above the books area. I painted it less “thick” to give it the worn look. I have an idea for the outside that I haven’t started yet.


Close-up of one of the shelves.


Detail of the “cubbies” created to keep the little bottles separate


While at the Steampunk convention daughter and I found a lady who was selling assorted cheap pocket-watches and we got two of them. Mine had a man fishing showing on the front which I didn’t care for but it didn’t matter since I was covering it with something else. I added some gears and other parts to a piece of jewelry used for making a broach or necklace pendant. I think it turned out great.


Last picture shows a couple coin pockets I have inked using Tim Holtz distressing ink. I was testing out how it would look and I will be making more. These will be used in my smash book and other assorted projects. There is an octopus I have added wings to. This will be a pin when I have finished it and be part of the steampunk costume. Finally in the picture are some of the little bottles for the case earlier in the post. I printed out some “labels” and added them using regular Elmers glue watered down a bit. I then added a little distressing ink to make them look aged.


Been having fun crafting, hope you are too!

Lady Blue